Every person dreams of owning a home. When one decides to carry out that dream, a person is bound to be conflicted on whether to buy an existing house in the market, a fixer-upper, or build one from a scratch. Under a strict budget, one would consider the first two options to be great deals. However, building your own still has its own allure.

Why build your own?

Building a home takes a lot of considerations, from finding the most appropriate land, to considering the designers and builders to hire, deciding every little component that goes with the house, and even up to finding builder or repair shops in the area such as Peoria garage door repair. With the variety of permits to be acquired, one may find that undertaking all these may not be as convenient as just buying a ready-made one.

One convenient thing with the existence of the World Wide Web is that, it is easier to see the choice existing in the market. It is easier now to outsource services needed for a new home that makes the aforementioned consideration nothing but a product of over thinking. One just needs to be critical in reviewing the available options and making comparisons to be able to pull out the best service available.

The advantage of building your own home is the leeway to mold it into something you really want. You are free to let yourself get wild over choosing the shape you want it to achieve, the size of the master bedroom, the number of windows, the height of the ceiling and the overall structure – whether you want it to be an open floor plan or not. You’d be able to install the right garage for you, whether contemporary or traditional-raised, in wood, steel, vinyl or glass, among others. You’d also have the choice of utilizing more durable, modern, and eco-friendly materials that are product of enhanced technology. In short, it will be the epitome of your dream home and not just a left-over of other people’s.

Aside from achieving the aesthetics, one advantage of a newly-built house is the feeling of starting a new.  You get the feeling of being accomplished with the evidence of your investment over your head. Plus, you need not worry that you’d be dealing with hidden flaws brought about by older houses.

Is a building a new house costly?

The common misconception in investing in a home is that building a new one generates a relatively higher cost. It may take a lot of effort to start from scratch but the overall cost depends on the contractor and the materials you’re going to choose for the construction.

To lessen the cost, choose the right builder with the right contacts. Some builders know where to outsource the cheapest materials without the compromised quality. They may even give you a lot of options to choose from. Being in an industry, they already have various suppliers depending on the needs of their clients. All you have to do is know your options and ask 2-3 experts on the materials before diving into the construction.

There is no assurance as well that choosing a ready-made house would not incur more cost. For instance, in choosing a house that is for sale in the market, you do not simply pick it, fix the papers and move in. There are several adjustments you need to do to make it liveable. There is a need for repairs that, depending on the damage, may cost you more. You cannot also be sure that it is well-maintained that in a couple of year or so, it won’t need overhauling that would be more expensive than just building yourself a new one.

Renovations of the existing structure in choosing an old home requires tearing down of previously installed walls to make way to a room better suited to your needs. Since this requires double the job, the expenditure in this type of project is doubled.

Calculating above mentioned expenses, choosing an old real estate might mean that you may be just exhausting the same amount of money as you would be when choosing to build your own, if not more. Whether it is as fulfilling would remain to be seen. But at the end of the day, there is no better feeling than the sense of pride and ownership you gain when looking at something that is all yours –concept and otherwise.

secure-homeYou and your family’s safety is invaluable. This is why the security of your home should not be ignored nor overlooked. You wouldn’t want to be subjected to trespassers, burglaries or worse. Thus, it is just imperative to not lure these unlawfuls with the lack of security of your homes.

It is a traditional practice to not forget to close your doors and windows at night to lock strangers from coming in uninvited. But with the improvement in tools and technology at present, this just be a jump over a small hurdle – still an obstacle to overcome but can be done. Thus, it may be a good time to update the security of your homes.

Dead Bolts and Interior Locks

One of the cheapest and easiest way to deter break-ins is to install dead bolts. The advantage of this from the usual door knobs is that it cannot easily be moved without a key to rotate the lock cylinder from being locked, thus, making it difficult to be tampered with. While the common door knobs could perform the usual duties of locking your homes, it gives in easily into a little bit of tinkering and force which makes depending on it alone not ideal for home security.

Different types of dead bolt locks exist depending on the level of security you wanted to achieve. There exist the standard ones which needed the traditional key while improved technology came up with ones that require code for added protection. Including interior locks and bar latches with chain would also help reinforce your security.


Alarms are usually staged to set-off when your locks are being meddled with by any third party. As such, putting up home security alarms is a great way to put off break-in attempts.

For one, the loud sound that travels to the neighborhood ensures you that help would come for you. Another is that you are easily alerted and could prepare for such occurrence. You are not going to be caught off-guard being able to protect yourself.

Motion-Sensor Lights

Motion-sensor lights, by the name itself, are lights that are triggered by movements. When placed in any part of your homes, it automatically switches on like a spotlight shining in a specific place.

One good thing about motion-sensor light is that you could easily distinguish the location of the possible burglar as it lightens up that part of your home. Another thing is that, these motion activated lights are triggered by movements, not actual contact. Thus, there is a possibility that this would frighten away intruders from the possibility of being caught even before they touch any part of your home.

Closed-Circuit Television

Closed-Circuit television, or commonly known as CCTVs is a good security feature to any home. Just its presence is enough to encourage people to act accordingly or be sanctioned for it. No one could dispute any wrongdoing when caught on-cam.

With its connection to monitors or computers inside your homes, one could easily supervise any suspicious activities in the vicinity. Thus, it could easily be reported to proper authorities for appropriate actions. Security cameras also act as guards when you are not around, keeping guard to all possible corners so you could be alerted if your house is compromised.

Proper Home Maintenance

For effective security, one should not overlook regular maintenance needed for their homes. Even with heavy-duty locks in place, this would be proved useless without a durable door, a defective window pane, and or possible flaws in other places that would serve as a point of entry.

A window should have all proper locks installed that doesn’t unlock easily with any pressure of vibrations from the outside. Replacement of loose and broken window panels is required to be guaranteed that it cannot be opened from the outside. This extends to all corners of your homes that could serve as a point of entry.

If you have an extended room that is adjacent to your homes like a garage, be sure that all security in any of your other doors, apply to that as well. Entry to your garage door should not be overlooked as well, as it could be another entry-point in to the inside of your house. Have your garage door serviced once in a while so that the opener would not get stuck from closing or opening. Not only could intruders use this to access your homes but could use this as a hiding place as well.

Systematically check for proper wirings that make your security system work. Monitor the usual problems if needed to be escalated to experts. Nothing is more nightmarish than a security fails in time when you need it the most.

Your security is invaluable. There is nothing overboard when taking precautions that ensures your well-being. A home should be a safe place to live in. As such, it is just good to maintain it that way.