Bold Construction brings over two decades of house construction and renovation experience in the United States. We are a team of engineers, architects and interior designers that have collaborated to give only the best service in town for your home construction needs.

Founded in 1996, Bold Construction since then has been making its name in the field of tough competition. We managed to stay strong and on top through great service and innovations. We only have the top-of-the-line tools and softwares most useful with respect to architectural designs and engineering. Through the years, we partner with other companies that complement our service to help in providing you with affordable homes. This helped us improved our craft to serve you better and provide you affordable homes without compromising the quality.

At Bold Construction, we are customer-centric. We view people as our primary asset. We work with their ideas and serve as partner-builders in implementing their plans. We make ourselves instruments for them to reach their goals as we cultivate our rapport with them. We encourage them and we thrive in their success. Plus, we provide only the highest standards of service to our client as we work by the standard set in the industry.

Our work encompasses everything from the smallest renovations of your rooms and garages to fit a dream garage door, to helping you remake your fixer-uppers, to making stunning customized home designs, to developing your ideas to suit your style and to making your homes possible from scratch with. We take pride in the quality of wok we provide and we always let our years of experience to give you first-class workmanship that would be the envy of the neighborhood.